Flavors Of The Best Of The Best Recipe

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Every family has a special dish that has been passed down through the generations. Every culture has a unique flavor and distinct ingredients used in some dishes. In modern times, many of the foods that were solely eaten in one country can be sampled all around the world. The global menu is indeed amazing and diverse. Choose the best of the best recipe for you.

Bread is a staple in many cultures. Some recipes for bread are unique and call for ingredients like vegetables or fruit. Zucchini bread and banana nut bread are examples of these kinds of flavorful breads. In some areas, breads like cornbread and biscuits are served on a regular basis. French and sourdough varieties are popular choices as well.

Potatoes are used in many recipes. You may prefer simple mashed potatoes with lots of butter or maybe your kids love French fried potatoes. The great aspect about potatoes is how they fit into many various dishes, whether the taste is sweet or not. Scalloped and Au Gratin potatoes are tasty with cheeses and milk being used to compliment the flavor.

The number of vegetable recipes you have to choose from is phenomenal. Green bean casserole has become a famous dish during the holidays in some areas of world while wax beans are a staple in other areas. Snap beans are a favorite for many people cooked in ham seasonings. Gourds like squash and pumpkin also have a variety of delicious uses as well.

Meats make the menu more appealing. Hams, whether smoked or fresh, can become the centerpiece of any meals. Consider the number of vegetables that are most delightful with ham. Chicken is another popular choice in many cultures. Chicken can be fried, baked, or boiled to make different dishes. You may prefer BBQ chicken or a baked whole hen.

Some recipes call for particular sauces. Sauces can be made from several ingredients from tomatoes to milk. In fact, milk gravy has many varieties and several uses. Tomato sauces are used for everything from soups to pizzas. Brown gravies are excellent with onions and mushrooms while cheese sauces are great for many vegetables and pastas.

Choosing the best of the best recipe for your family’s meals is easier when you try lots of different tastes and mixtures. No matter where you are from, the dishes you favor the most can be shared across the globe. For a selection of great tastes from many cultures, try searching internet websites that include dishes from several countries.