Tips of How to Present a Vegetable Tray

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Entertaining friends and family at home can be a daunting task, especially if you cater to a large group. I truly believe that social gatherings will only be successful if appetizers are available at the start of the party. Guests will feel at easy to mingle with each other while nibbling. Need some quick and easy ideas? How about chips and a vegetable tray. Platters of fresh vegetables will surely impress your guests, especially those who watch their diet. You can browse through the internet for some cooking tips on how to make popular dips to accompany a vegetable tray or ask your guests for their favorite dips and sauces.

A vegetable tray might just be enough, as long as you have fresh vegetables, a big plate and a dip, then you are good. However, even though it may appear easy, you still need to plan and have the necessary ingredients ready before you assemble the vegetables on the tray. Here are 3 tips of how to proceed:

  1. Choose a nice serving tray, its shape and color.
  2. Use a vegetable tray with the dip bowl attached, or you need to provide small dip bowls.
  3. Choose at least 5-6 vegetables for your vegetable tray.

Remember to wash vegetables thoroughly in order to remove dirt that clings to the vegetables. Use warm water and gently scrub each vegetable, repeating the rinsing process many times to make sure you only serve clean and fresh vegetables. This process is important to wash away the chemicals used on these vegetables. If you have extra time, always check out your local farmer’s market for organic, pesticide-free vegetables.

Make your vegetable tray colorful and rich with broccoli, cauliflowers, celery, bell peppers, green beans and carrots. Cut the vegetables into bite sizes so your guests will not have a hard time getting the vegetables and dipping into the sauce.

Additional tips on how to present a vegetable tray that would look nice and appealing to your guests:

  • Choose a variety of colors. A vegetable tray will look attractive if you choose different vegetables with a variety of colors. Use all the colors of bell pepper, red, yellow and green, some red color from tomatoes, and green with broccoli and celery. Arrange the vegetables per color to create a nice playful pattern.
  • If you can afford it, prepare different kinds of dip such as Italian, onion dip or the popular ranch dip. You can put the dip at the middle of the vegetable tray or try to find a platter with different sections for dips on the side. There are literally hundreds of dip sauce recipes and cooking tips you will find useful if you decided to make your own. Other popular dips include salmon and spicy hummus.
  • Be creative in preparing your vegetable tray. You can prepare stuffed vegetables in advance, like lettuce wrap with tuna, or put some cream cheese on cucumber and carrot slices. You can also use other sandwich spreads; even children who hate vegetables will likely try to eat the veggies.
  • Use the vegetable tray as your main centerpiece on the table. Arrange the dipping sauces bowls within everybody’s reach. You can also add some fruits in your vegetable tray for additional color and garnish.

Try to prepare a vegetable recipes at home, especially during summer months. A nice platter during a barbeque picnic with your family will help encourage your children to eat vegetables. Just follow these easy tips on how to present your vegetable tray, and you will have your guests talking about it after the party.